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Lisa Lawless

Lisa Lawless is a Christain speaker and author who proclaims God's amazing love and presence with us during difficult times. Her inspirational story of love, loss, and the faithfulness of God is changing people's lives. Lisa joyfully shares God's Word with others to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.


"Lisa was the keynote speaker at our Women's Retreat. She captured the attention and the hearts of our women with her poignant and deeply touching stories. She is a captivating speaker who draws you into the moment. Her testimony of her true love for her God and her husband inspires all who hear." Kathy Ray

"Lisa spoke to our women at an event we called Amazing Love. Her personal testimony of the extraordinary love that she shared with her husband, Craig, really ministered to our women as she allowed God's Amazing Love first place in her story. Many of our women were there with deep hurts from losses both similar and unlike Lisa's; however, her love and laughter brought hope - Jeremiah 29:11 kind of hope. She helped us to see beyond the moment of our circumstances to the future, where God plans for us to go with his Amazing Love. It was a phenomenal event for our women. We all cried, then laughed, hugged Lisa and left with renewed hope and joy." Brenda McDearmon, FBC Amarillo, TX

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Lisa Lawless never expected Craig to die Monday, November 21st, less than four days after such a positive doctor visit. She repeated three sentences over and over to the friends and family members that quickly filled her home. "What a sweet, sweet man!" "What happened to my husband?" and "I want him back!"

My Love Lives in Heaven is an inspirational message of hope and faith in God which was born out of pain when Craig, the love of Lisa's life, was carried to heaven suddenly. God wrote poetry on Lisa's heart to proclaim the Lord's Presence and to share a love story which will warm your heart and encourage your faith!

About the Book
by Lisa Lawless

"My Love Lives in Heaven" is a gift from God that reflects His Presence with me during the most difficult time of my life. I loved my husband very much and my heart was broken when God carried Craig to heaven suddenly. Overwhelmed with grief, I would often wake up in the early morning hours before dawn. Tears flowing down my cheeks, I penned the words that God wrote on my heart. Each poem was born in pain and the labor was intensive. Not because the poems took a long time to birth, quite the contrary, but because the stanzas reflected the truth of my pain with such honesty and clarity. My heart lightened as each poem ended with the hope of Jesus - a hope that was just as real and truthful as the pain. After the birth of each poem, my heart was sweetly released from the burden of grief. I soon discovered as I read the poems to others that God was not only using the poems to lift my heart but He was changing the hearts of those who heard them. A new ministry of hope was born - one that I never expected. And with the new ministry came joy and a renewed purpose to live. My love lives in heaven and I am left behind to proclaim the reality of God's Presence and His loving kindness. To God be the glory!


God is using this book in amazing ways to change people's lives. My love story with Craig and our relationship with God has encouraged the hearts of young adults, older adults, men and women. I pray this book will be a blessing to you! Lisa

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